A 90′s Weekend of Service

This past weekend was fulfilling and rewarding as can be. Usually on the first Saturdays of the month, I do Service Saturday (all of the card making), but this Saturday, I decided to do volunteer work for my sorority. It was our philanthropy event, Spike Out Arthritis, which raises money for juvenille arthritis! Alpha Omicron Pi’s national philanthropy is Strike Out Arthrits, which is baseball, but we live in Montana and you can’t always depend on the weather, so we like to keep it inside. In the past few years, our chapter has done Strut Out Arthritis which was a fashion show, but this year we changed it to a volleyball tournament. It was so much fun and I hope to come back in 5 years and see this event blossom into something super incredible.


Bringing back the 90′s is always a fun time, from costumes that resemble Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Salt N Pepa, Ferris Bueller, Saved by the Bell, and so many more – either way you choose, the 90′s is always a great time. One of my friends had a 90′s party and my big and I got all dressed up and kicked it back old school. The night was too awesome to not showcase this on my blog! Did I mention that all we listened to were 90′s songs the whole night, well, and Beyonce because I love Beyonce!!

Next agenda item from the weekend was participating in another sorority’s event, Chi Omega, and for their event they did Swishes for Wishes which has gotten pretty huge and really fun. It is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament and so of course I had to sign up with some of my sorority sisters. We were 4-1 losing in the semi-finals on the road to the championship!! Even though we lost, we still had so much fun and it was amazing to do it for the kids and also we got a great workout in. :)


Take away message: Get involved! I don’t care what yoiu are involved in, whether it be Service Saturdays or Philanthropy events that an organization is throwing, find some way to give back to your community and make sure that not only is it fun, but you are making a positive impact for yourself, your school, your community, and the greater well-being of the world!

More Pieces to the Puzzle

With great power comes great responsibility… a lesson that I will be learning fast as ever in the next year. Yes, the rumors are true, I am the Associated Student Body President for Montana State University and wow it does not seem real (yet).

What is ASMSU (Associated Students of Montana State University) ASMSU is the student government association serving as the elected voice of the students of Montana State University-Bozeman with the mission of enhancing the overall educational experience of students by providing leadership and employment opportunities for students and by providing diverse student oriented non-academic programs and services cost effectively through responsible fiscal management of student activity fees.

What doe this mean to a student? Well, this is one of the place that is going to make your time at MSU worth more than just an education, but a great experience that you will never forget and when you do recall it, you are overwhelmed by all of the positive experiences you have had at MSU. It is a place that offers opportunities to get out of your dorm rooms or get your head out of the books and get involved, network, making friends, be apart of the community, and just overall have a more valued experience. The Road to Presidency began with Jordan, my Vice President, coming to me at a track meet and asking me have I ever thought about joining ASMSU (applying for a position). We discussed this topic for a while and then she said, “Do you want to run for ASMSU President and Vice President?” Now this was an idea that I have considered before because I was Student Body President in my high school, but I never looked into fully, but the pure fact that Jordan came up to me and asked me to run with her told me that it was a sign that I should do this, but I did have to think deeply on this topic because it is a BIG responsibility to take this own - I said yes!



So with all that, I get sworn in on April 17th and then the turnover will begin and I am so excited to learn everything and gain even more knowledge about this wonderful place that I love and be able to represent my peers and voice their opinions to the Board of Regents, the President of MSU, and other important decision makers at this university!

Take Away Message: When faced with a great opportunity, say yes… even if it might seem scary or overwhelming, say yes because that opportunity will only be open for a limited amount of time and you don’t want it to pass you up because it might just be the key to your future, your destini ;)

As Time Goes On, My Family Continues To Grow

In my sorority of course… This past week we had spring initiation where we initiated six beautiful young ladies, my little being one of them. It was so excited and interesting to be on the other side of initiation (I got initiated this past fall) and get to really watch the light in each and every single lady shine so bright and brighten up our whole ceremony. Initiatign my little was an experience and a half… I promised myself, my little, and my sorority that I would rise to challenge and become a mentor to this young lady and would be there for anything she needed and I was more than thrilled to accept that role and all of the responsibilities that come with it. Within a year my big’s intermediate family has grown by four people and that’s huge!

This year the theme was a day at the beach, so the girls worked hard to decorate and we took pictures (so many pictures) and we ate dinner with everyone and there were just good vibes all around. Then after initiation we got to take more pictures and enjoy sharing the secrets of our sorority with our newly initiated members.

This week, we had big/little reveal and we added another new member to our family who has not yet been initiated. My twin in the family (we have the same big) just got another little and she will be initated along with three other girls before the school year is over. Since we have not reached our campus total, our sorority continues to give out bids to girls that we see shine that AOII light and then from there, there are certain requirements that the new members need to complete until they can go through initiation and so that is why we are going to have another initiation, just in case you were confused. :)

Overall gaining new sisters is always a good time and a time to make connections that we would never be able to make!


Take Away Message: Invite people into your life, because what I like to call a “friend family” will also be a good resource to have along with you actual family and you never know when you will need your friend family to lean on or when they need to lean on you.

Spring Break…Finally

Spring Break is the break that I do not necessarily look forward to because it is my favorite break, but rather because it comes at a almost perfect moment in the school year. Classes seems to drag out and everything seems over whelming, overloaded, and just over everything. But then all of sudden spring break is right around the corner. Most people go to really nice places where the weather is perfect, there are a lot of people, and they can just relax. I went to a place where I got a little bit of that, but also I got to shop and see other universities. Where did I go you may ask… OREGON! I got the chance to go to both Eugene and Portland with some of my sorority sisters and was super fun. We did everything from eat Voodoo donuts at 2:30 in the morning to check out other sorority houses on University of Oregon’s campus to go to Seaside, Oregon and enjoy a nice sunny week on the beach with the waters from the ocean creeping up on your toes to shopping for days and actually going into a two story Forever 21!! It just felt good to be back in a “city” and even though Portland is very different than Los Angeles, there are still certain vibes that are similar. Spring Break was just a fun packed weekend for me and my crew of beautiful women, but it had to come to an end and we prepared ourselves for the long 12 and a half hour drive back to Bozeman and even though spring break was over that does not mean the FUN is over. School is back in full swing and it is time to get things done and I am more motivated than ever to finish my junior year up and begin my last year of college!!


Take Away Message: Get things done, but take time off and take a break, relax, and re-energize – but then get back to work!! :)

Quote of the Week

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.
- Mahatma Gandhi

I have decided to do a quote this week because we are nearing the end of the school year and one of the most busiest and packed month in my semester (April). This quote is so inspiring and so important to understand. The idea that your foundations will one day affect your future applies to everything from school to friendship to your core values to your work ethic etc. As the end of the school year approaches, remembering to stay positive because it will affect everything you do!! And I don’t believe in just going through the actions but rather taking action and making everything you do brilliant.

But I am guilty of letting all of the items on my “to do list” stress me out and in response to that, I forget or I do a poor job. So making sure you are on top of things and even getting little reminders from your managers or supervisors should encourage you to step up your game – I know it helps me out.

Over spring break, we went to Seaside, OR and stayed in a hotel right on the Oregon coast and it was absolutely beautiful. I was fortunate enough to see the sunset and all it’s beauty!! So I am going to share some of the photos and hopefully it can help you reflect and remember to stay positive and get things done!!




Just a post to say I’m thankful

These last few weeks have been ridiculous. With so much happening at Montana State University and the way I like to be involved in everything…causes for a busy week!! Within all of the craziness, there is still so much opportunity to enjoy everyone and everything! Also while being appreciative of all the opportunities that MSU provides. Makes me proud to know that I go to a school where you can get diverse experiences while still meeting new people and preparing yourself for life after college!!! Enjoy your Spring Break.









Just Give Me A Minute

Hey everyone, these couple of weeks have been so crazy!! Montana State University has overwhelmed me with so many fun, engaging activities that I just can’t get enough of. From Service Saturdays to basketball games to intramurals to going on a ski trip with my sorority sisters to the International Food Bazaar and so much more…AHHHHHHHHHH. That is honestly the great thing about MSU, we have, in my opinion, the perfect amount of students. By this I mean, that there are enough students to have over 300 clubs, but also enough opportunities to do events and activities that you really enjoy and one of those events is Service Saturday.
photo (2)

The Office of Activities and Engagement puts on Service Saturdays which are volunteer opportunities that are offered the first Saturday of every month. I am one of the leaders and my job is to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it.. so the picture above was Valentine Card Making and we ended up making over 100 cards to be delivered to senior citizens for their meals on wheels program. It is such a humbling experience and it is a nice time to sit back and reflect on why we should be thankful for what we have and figure what we could do to help out others and plus arts and craft is always a fun time.
photo 1

Here at Montana State University, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing mountains and fortunately we have two big ski mountains that people come across the country for (GEESH) Big Sky Resort and Bridger are the two that you always here people talk about how awesome the fresh powder was and how excited that are to be waist-deep in snow just having a blast. I finally got the chance to be able to go up to Big Sky!! Some of my sorority sisters decided to take a trip up there and it was such an amazing experience. I DID NOT SKI.. I have really bad knees and the doctor told me to not try to learn how to ski or snowboard just because of the severity of my knees, but just being up there and seeing the mountain and how the chair lift works and all the people huddled by the fire and the little bitty children so anxious to start their snow journey is enough for me. You can instantly tell the culture around this event brings friends, family members, and strangers together to enjoy “shredding” :) I definitely want my children to learn how and now I have enough friends to teach them later down the road.

photo 3

The International Food Bazaar is such an amazing event and gives students a chance to see other cultures and one of the greatest things that brings out the differences and similarities of everyone and that is FOOD!. The food was amazing!! Like really amazing and my mouth was just in pure excitement from all of the different flavors. I am definitely going to look into making something more common..like a Culture Friday or Tasty Tuesday — this way we can show off the different international clubs and their club can make money and my belly can be satisfied. :)

Take Away Message: Even when life is hectic, take advantage of the opportunities because you don’t want to look back and regret something you didn’t do