Trust Me….. I’m an orientation leader

Trust Me..... I'm an orientation leader

This summer, I got the chance to be an orientation leader which means I was assigned a group of incoming freshman and basically gave them all the basics they needed so by the end they were able to register for classes with little to no stress.

I enjoyed this experience sooooo much not only because I got to meet some incredible people but I got to see the excitement of incoming freshman that this big dream is actually becoming a reality. I am so glad I got INVOLVED because not only do i know more about the school that I probably would have never known, not only did I get an awesome name tag and a really nice polo, but I got an experience that I will never forget and I encourage everyone to try to become an orientation leader.

I still see some of my orientation students around campus, it is a good feeling to know that you helped out someone who would have struggled and to be appreciated for it!


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