Cats vs. Griz

The Undie Run is a great way to bring out the MSU community and run around campus and show of their blue and gold spirit! It is super fun and even though I have never done it, I know many people who have and sometimes you have to just say YES and grab some friends and go have fun. That is what college really is…FUN. There are so many opportunities that will slap you in the face and you just need to embrace them and try to do as much as you can while you can. I think next year I might do the Undie Run…but first I need to hit the gym 🙂



This weekend was Cats vs. Griz and for those of you that don’t know the Griz (University of Montana) is our rival school and the rivalry has been going on for 100 + years. The atmosphere is always amazing and exciting and even when you aren’t from Montana and know nothing about the other school, you still feel the rivalry in your blood! Even though we lost, I know our team fought hard and I am really excited that my senior year I get to go to Missoula and cheer on my Bobcats and hopefully we crush them!!




Take Away Message: Just say yes and try something new


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