Spring Break…Finally

Spring Break is the break that I do not necessarily look forward to because it is my favorite break, but rather because it comes at a almost perfect moment in the school year. Classes seems to drag out and everything seems over whelming, overloaded, and just over everything. But then all of sudden spring break is right around the corner. Most people go to really nice places where the weather is perfect, there are a lot of people, and they can just relax. I went to a place where I got a little bit of that, but also I got to shop and see other universities. Where did I go you may ask… OREGON! I got the chance to go to both Eugene and Portland with some of my sorority sisters and was super fun. We did everything from eat Voodoo donuts at 2:30 in the morning to check out other sorority houses on University of Oregon’s campus to go to Seaside, Oregon and enjoy a nice sunny week on the beach with the waters from the ocean creeping up on your toes to shopping for days and actually going into a two story Forever 21!! It just felt good to be back in a “city” and even though Portland is very different than Los Angeles, there are still certain vibes that are similar. Spring Break was just a fun packed weekend for me and my crew of beautiful women, but it had to come to an end and we prepared ourselves for the long 12 and a half hour drive back to Bozeman and even though spring break was over that does not mean the FUN is over. School is back in full swing and it is time to get things done and I am more motivated than ever to finish my junior year up and begin my last year of college!!


Take Away Message: Get things done, but take time off and take a break, relax, and re-energize – but then get back to work!! 🙂


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