Orientation. Orientation. Orientation

Two down, two more to go! And oh boy, it has been an exciting time around here. If you don’t know what orientation is, well let me tell you. Orientation is basically one large event with one goal in mind – to register for classes. At Montana State University, we like to make orientation more fun than just sitting and listening to people talk about the logistics on how to register, letting the freshman register, and then go home! No, we like to have way more FUN. 🙂

So let me break down how everything works: 40-45 leaders (depending on the size of the session), orientation leadership class in the spring semester, three summer sessions for three days which includes spending sleeping in the residence halls, one fall session without sleeping in the residence halls, about 400-1200 new students (freshmen or transfer), two coordinators (this is where I am at) and one director of orientation (Jennifer Dunn). Wow that was a lot and that’s only half of everything! When you add on Admissions Representatives, Evaluators, Student Workers, Admissions Staff, Other Staff from other departments or offices around campus, and a lot of teamwork, you realize there is quite the team of people working on this, so therefore it must be important.

What made me become an Orientation leader?
Well, it was a leadership opportunity and a way to get involved on campus which I am all about and it looked like a great opportunity to meet new people and share the passion that I have for Montana State with others. Also it was a job opportunity because you do get paid for all of the hard work you do!


Through the process of being an orientation leader, I have made so many new friends and created so many quality memories that I decided to come back for a second year and instead of being just a leader, I decided to become the coordinator.



It’s literally been so fun and I continue to create more and more memories that I will always cherish and maybe I’ll come back again for a third year just because I love orientation so much and the joy that you see on the faces of new students just makes it worth everything. All of the sore throats and exhaustion and whatever other troubles come from the intense three days that we call orientation.



-Destini French || June 2014


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